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April 1, 2020 - STD Carriers Disease Control and Prevention services provides a collection of information services to online users for the purpose of preventing people from being infected with incurable diseases spread primarily through sexual contact. Our services include a user content driven early warning system for contagious disease outbreaks as well as educational information and multimedia entertainment.

International STD Registry People Finder

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  • Jonathan Spadois
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STD Carriers was founded as and still is home of the first public early warning alert system for identifying possible sexually transmitted diseases (STD) hotbeds before they are slept with. The International STD Registry People Finder is a database driven list of people with HIV/AIDS, Genital Herpes, HPV, Genital Warts, and Hepatitis C reported by the public for the public. Our automated content management system (CMS) utilizes the power of modern information technology to provide a real time information storage and distribution service that is fully operational 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

STDs don’t have borders, so we don’t have many either. No matter where you are you can get a STD and pass it on to others before you know it. With our international people search database you can do a background check of your former, current, desired, or potentially acceptable sexual partners for information that could be vital to protecting yourself from lifelong illnesses in 22 countries.

If you feel the need to warn people about dangers to their health we have already given you the best kind of start and expect you to use it well. It is our hope that increased screening and detection as well as honest disclosure by people with STDs will prevent you from feeling the need to warn others about them. Unfortunately current trends indicate that this service will be needed for quite some time, so we will be here to protect your precious bodily fluids from all that seek to sap and impurify them.

"God willing we will prevail in peace and freedom from fear and in true health through the purity and essence of our natural fluids. God bless you all." - Dr. Strangelove

Celebrities with STDs

In 2012 we had compiled a list of 100 living celebrities with STDs that unlike some celebrity gossip sites with lists of celebrities with STDs is based on cited sources in the real news media and fake news. For entertainment value we have added streaming videos and original images to already detailed famous carrier profiles.

Most Celebrities with STDs have strong histories of honest disclosure and are listed primarily for educational and entertainment value. When browsing the list you are sure to see many familiar faces. You may recognize stars whose STD status you've known about for years, others whose diseases are news to you, and a few might beg the question "who the hell is that?" followed by doubt as to whether such people should be considered celebrities in the first place, but none the less have had their 15 minutes and usually then some.

On March 30, 2012 we hit our goal of identifying over 100 celebrities with STDs and had no plans to expand the list in the future, but after years of absence decided to do additional research and start posting famous people we see in the news again. Due to our requirement that celebrity STD accusations be documented by legitimate news sources unless otherwise noted some notable unproven names you'll find elsewhere like Jessica Alba and Katie Holmes are not on our list. We also like to focus more on mainstream celebs instead of adult film stars because they are just too easy. The list of celebrities with HIV is the largest at 44 with celebrities with Hepatitis C coming in second at 42, and celebrities with Herpes rounding up the top 3 diseases with 10 famous names.

Celebrities with STDs are also categorized by profession as well as condition. The top 5 celebrity categories are Musicians with 29, Porn Stars with 14, Athletes with 13, Authors with 10, and Actresses with 9 famous infected faces. Additional types of celebrities include Actors with 8 leading men, Politicians with 6 past or present government officials, Journalists with 6 reporters, and 3 other categories with less than 5 celebs a piece.

Criminal HIV Transmission and Exposure Arrests

The largest centralized list of people arrested for crimes involving criminal HIV exposure and transmission can be found in our Criminal HIV Transmission and Exposure Arrests section. These are all documented cases that have been verified either through criminal records or news reports that typically involve Sex Offenders, Prostitutes, Biological Terrorists, and partner Non-Disclosure. Sex Offenders and Prostitutes require no introduction since they are people who commit these crimes anyway, but make their crimes worse due to the fact that they are HIV positive. The Biological Terrorist Watch List may sound like an exaggeration since weaponized HIV is relatively useless as an airborne weapon, but it is still useful as a terror weapon because it is more likely to strike fear into the enemy than cause actual damage. Finally the Non-Disclosure list shows people in relationships no matter how long or short have been arrested for failing to disclose their HIV status prior to sex.

STD Videos

STD Carriers has hundreds of embedded STD Videos hand picked for your entertainment. The collection is broken down by disease with categories for HIV/AIDS, Herpes, Genital Warts, Hepatitis C, HPV, and miscellaneous videos.

Original STD Prevention and Historical VD Propaganda Posters

STD Carriers promotional posters featuring the original STD Carriers mascot “Joe the Sailor” are available in our STD Posters section. This section also features historical VD posters created primarily by government agencies.

STD Awareness Gear and Original T-Shirts

We have produced a one of a kind line of STD Carriers promotional T-Shirts featuring the original STD Carriers slogan “Click It Before You Stick It!” that are available in our STD Shirts Section. You will also find other STD prevention gear promoting safe sex, condom use, and STDs.

Clinical STD Pictures

Not recommended for mealtime viewing our collection of STD Pictures documents the horrors of Genital Warts and Genital Herpes infections as well as advanced HIV/AIDS related cancers. One look at our STD photo lineup and hopefully you will thank god that your body has never been ravaged like the unfortunate few whose genitals make up the gallery.

STD Awareness Campaign

STD Carriers recognizes the importance of STD Awareness and community service, so from time to time we give back to the community with a combination of education and philanthropy. The Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Community Outreach Program (STDACOP) is an ongoing operation aimed at providing you with quality information on STDs while also reaching out to high risk communities.