Prevention is Our Profession
Disease Control and Prevention Services

STD Prevention Goals and Objectives

We are here to give people a heads up that they might not otherwise have.

1. Prevention is our Profession

Through informed alertness we want to assist people helping people to protect their health.

The More You Know

Knowledge is power and what you don’t know can endanger, hurt, and even kill you. Our primary objective is to prevent the spread of the incurable sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) HIV/AIDS, Genital Herpes (HSV2), Hepatitis C, HPV, and Genital Warts. To do this we have built an information storage and distribution system designed to serve as a public early warning alert system for identifying human biological hazards. Once these hazards are identified our network of automated news feeds, integrated social networking, widgets for webmasters, and search engine friendly design has the ability to distribute alerts in real time to any place on the internet that is linked to our network. The 12 Step Record Removal Program assures the accuracy of all public reports by making sure that no hazard remains in the registry if they have passed a screening for the STD that they have been reported as carrying.

Alertness Not Reluctance

Each sexually transmitted disease (STD) carrier alert is like a blip on a radar screen that until thoroughly investigated should not be ignored. History has proven this time and again. In one such incident a few guys sitting in a Hawaiian bunker brushed off a series of blips as a random error only to find out the hard way that it was really a bunch of hostile Asian men. Fortunately higher ups learned from this mistake and were able to properly identify some suspicious vodka enthusiasts loitering in the Caribbean before persuading them to pack up their red rockets and go home. This lesson was forgotten as laziness replaced vigilance over time creating easy access for camel jockeys to hijack our T.V. screens and fill them with images of poor structural engineering. As those examples clearly show that it is better to be safe than sorry and we will keep all unconfirmed blips on your screen so that you know to swim carefully.

2. Education

We want to educate the public about the facts, dangers, and myths about the transmission, prevention, and treatment of STDs. As part of this effort we have dedicated not just entire sections of this site, but have even created an entirely new site where you can advertise your STD prevention and treatment solutions. To learn more visit STD Merchandise or our pages on STDs, STD Awareness, STD Testing, and STD Pictures.

STD Prevention Myths

Condoms Prevent STD Infections

A fully functional condom used properly dramatically reduces the risk of getting a STD and is always a good idea. Unfortunately condoms can break during sex, have manufacturing flaws invisible to the human eye, and in cases of some well endowed men fail to cover the entire base of the penis.

No Symptoms = Not Contagious

Although you may have no visual symptoms you can still pass your STD to someone else. This myth is especially common in when it comes to Genital Herpes in which many people think that a lack of visual symptoms means that they are not contagious.

STD Prevention Facts:

Condoms reduce the risk of getting infected.

Abstinence is the only guaranteed way to avoid STDs.

If you don’t have sex with STD carriers then they cannot infect you.

Selective abstinence allows you to safely satisfy yourself.

3. Protection of Civil Liberties and Personal Responsibility

We will protect your right to free speech and expect you to use it responsibly.

Civil Liberties

STD Carriers believes in freedom of expression and will protect your right to freedom of speech in accordance with our Free Speech and Privacy Policy. Without the ability to share both your factual knowledge and opinions without censorship you can never be free.

Your Personal Responsibility

With great freedom comes great responsibility. As a user of this website you are fully responsible for your actions just as you are anywhere. If you act like a jackass then you will be thought of as one. Exercise restraint and discipline when making statements. If you make false accusations of STD infections then you will not be protected and we will do everything we can to expose you as a fraud in the most pubic of ways.

4. Awareness Raising Entertainment

No one likes a boring website and we are no exception. We want to provide you with the most entertaining experience possible and have built several sections for entertaining STD education.

Videos and Celebs


StDiVo started as a collection of Herpes, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Genital Warts, and HPV videos.

Celebrity Profiles

Celebrities exist for our entertainment and their STDs are no exception. Most of our celebrity profiles contain original artwork in the form of parody and videos featuring the profiled star.

News, Posters, and Shirts

STD Health News

The STD News Portal features a fully searchable database of news articles collected from our original works and third party sites.

STD Posters

Our collection of VD Propaganda Posters includes modern works such as our original STD Carriers posters and historical works produced by various government agencies.

STD Shirts

The STD shirts section includes a variety of affordable clothing that advocates for safe sex and STD prevention.


It is our goal that by promoting the sharing of information that we can ultimately protect you health from dangerous diseases while protecting your civil liberties and providing quality entertainment.

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