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Sexually Transmitted Disease Awareness Community Outreach Program

The Sexually Transmitted Disease Awareness Community Outreach Program (STDACOP) is a philanthropy campaign launched by STD Carriers Disease Control and Prevention Services in the winter of 2011. The goal of the campaign is to use our resources to reach out the general public and educate them about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). This campaign involves charitable giving as well as special projects aimed at educating the public online and in your community.


Opinionated bloggers, commentators, and the news media have criticized STD Carriers for lacking information of substance by accusing it of being nothing more than a gossip site with no educational value. That may have been the case at one point in 2008 and in early 2009 when this new service was nothing more than an idea considered crazy by many. Since then STD Carriers has compiled the largest online collection of STD Videos, created an up to date syndicated news service that powers the STD Newsreel while brining our Twitter followers the most up to date STD news headlines, built a site dedicated to STD Merchandise, complied the largest list of people arrested for Criminal HIV Transmission crimes in the world, and compiled the largest list of Celebrities with STDs in the world for your entertainment. Still people think that we lack substance, so we have posted the first section dedicated to accurate clinical information with the STD Clinical Picture Gallery of Symptoms. Future sections will include statistics, treatment, and testing information.

STDACOP in Your Community

STDACOP would not be a community outreach program without reaching out to communities, so we began reaching out to communities at high risk for contracting STDs all over America. The February 2011 we reached out to four American states by sending complimentary “Click It Before You Stick It!” t-shirts to high risk communities in Corvallis, Oregon; Columbus, Ohio; Tempe, Arizona; and Tucson, Arizona known for promiscuity, drinking, and drug use.

STDACOP Helping the Homeless

In late 2011 STDACOP reached out to the homeless providing free STD Carriers T-Shirts in bulk to help them stay warm through the winter. As a result over 150 less fortunate people should have an extra "Click It Before You Stick It" layer to keep them warm this winter.

P.O. Box 86653, Portland, Oregon 97286