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No matter how clean you think you are or your partner is condoms when used properly can significantly reduce the likelihood of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or transmitting them to others. Some people find purchasing condoms an embarrassing experience especially if the purchase is being made at a public store by a woman who may fear appearing promiscuous, a man buying small condoms who may fear appearing to have a small penis, or a religious person who may fear being spotted purchasing products that may be considered indicators of sinful behavior by their congregation. There are of course others, but regardless of reason you can put any fears you might have to rest discreetly and conveniently if you buy condoms online.

Why Didn’t You Just Wear a Condom Stupid?

Ever since this site was launched a lot of people including popular bloggers and users commenting on blog posts or news stories have asked the question above so much that it is downright scary at times. It is scary because it demonstrates a false sense of security when it comes to condom use. Condoms when used and functioning properly often prevent STDs, but use by itself does not eliminate the risks entirely. Condom use does significantly reduce risks, but condoms like every product ever built by mankind are not fool proof. Someone can still get a STD when using condoms if they break during sex, were put on improperly, or if they are used careless for some sex acts and not others.

3 Examples of Reckless Condom Use

These are just 3 common examples of to reckless condom use that can make buying condoms in the first place a waste of money.

1. Failure to Test Condoms for Leaks

A condom with a hole in it no matter now small can make using it just as deadly as not using it. Men should always test their condoms for leaks by filling them with water and looking for moisture on the wrong side of the rubber. Forgetting to do this can happen easily in the heat of the moment to any guy who wants to get laid and does not think of testing it or does not want to spoil the mood by going to sink instead of wrapping his wiener as soon as possible.

2. Using Condoms for Vaginal or Anal Intercourse, but Not Oral Sex

Every incurable STD can be transmitted by oral to genital contact. This is because even though some are commonly referred to as genital conditions (ex: Genital Herpes, Genital Warts) they can infect the mouth just as well. As a result people giving head can get an oral infection and people receiving head can contract a genital one.

3. Using Condoms That Do Not Fit

Some men buy condoms that do not fit either because they are too big and slip off or they are too small and do not cover the entire shaft of the penis. Each case can result in inadvertent mucus membrane contact with the threat from the latter primarily being a problem due to any type of sore existing on the shaft of the penis.

Misplaced Criticism of for Not Promoting Condoms

STD has been wrongfully criticized over not promoting condom use on its site for over 2 years. This has usually been in the form of comments by people who wondered why we never posted any information about condoms in any useful depth on the domain name. This is because we built an entire second site devoted to STD information that included lots of content about condoms, but those critics never seemed to put the two together even though we ran ads for that site in the form of a widget visible on the left side of ever page below the navigation menu. Hopefully this page full of links below to some of the same condoms we have been promoting this whole time will help convince you that we do and have always advocated for condom use.

Latest Condom Deals

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