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STD Carriers

STD Carriers Disease Control and Prevention Services was founded in 2008 for the purpose of providing the public with a tool to help protect themselves and others from incurable sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). We are best known for building the first and only STD Carrier Registry which led to widespread media recognition. Over the years we have established ourselves as a legal and reliable online service provider.

STD Carriers in the Press

Since our beginning we have been an outspoken force for honesty. As such we have earned local and national new coverage.

Local News

STD Carriers has been featured on just about every local news station in Portland, Oregon. On top of that we have granted interviews to and earned coverage from local news outlets across America.

Portland, Oregon

STD Carriers has been featured on KGW 8, Fox 12, and KOIN 6 in Portland, Oregon.

KGW Northwest News Channel 8

KGW Northwest News Channel 8 interviewed STD Carriers founder Cyrus Sullivan in Portland, Oregon shortly after the site launched in 2008. The story aired on Halloween, 2008 and was the most talked about story on the KGW website that weekend back when KGW let users post comments on their website. The story is still available at

Fox 12 Oregon

Fox 12 reporter Brent Weisberg interviewed STD Carriers founder Cyrus Sullivan in Portland, Oregon in June of 2009 after the site was redesigned to include a bunch of new features.


KOIN TV reporter Jessica Morkert interviewed STD Carriers founder Cyrus Sullivan in Portland, Oregon in April of 2011. Her report included an interview with a local attorney who explained why STD Carriers is a legal enterprise.

Across America

STD Carriers has been featured on countless local news stations all over America and although some stories have been lost to time here are a few of the good ones.

KPHO CBS 5 in Phoenix, Arizona

KPHO reporter Peter Busch had an affiliate interview STD Carriers founder Cyrus Sullivan in June 0f 2009.

NBC 2 in Fort Myers, Florida

Reporter Kelly Creswell did a story about STD Carriers during the summer of 2009. We were not contacted about the story and had some inaccuracies to explain later.

ABC 7 KGO in San Francisco, California

7 Live with Jennifer Jolly and Brian Copeland did a segment about STD Carriers in 2011.

National News

Shortly after the site launched, CNN picked up a story by KGW about STD Carriers. That story made founder Cyrus Sullivan's name number 42 on Google trends that day.

Unfortunately, footage of this story has been lost to time.

Anderson Cooper

In 2012 CNN's Anderson Cooper did a segment about STD Carriers on his now defunct daytime talk show Anderson. The segment featured STD Carriers founder Cyrus Sullivan, attorney Parry Aftab, and several people that have used the website. Cyrus answered Anderson's questions like "why should we believe anything you say?"

Ashleigh Banfield and others chimed in with their opinions about the website and Anderson described himself as being rude to Cyrus earlier in the show.

Cyrus set the record straight on Sunday Night Talk Radio in Portland, Oregon after the show.

Our People

Our people include the site's founder Cyrus Sullivan and un-named other individuals.

Founder Cyrus Sullivan

Cyrus Sullivan on KVAL

Cyrus Sullivan is an internet entrepreneur in Portland, Oregon who began his career shortly after graduating from the University of Oregon in 2008 with a degree in Business Administration and a gift that keeps on giving. He decided to make it his business to help people in ways they have never been helped before.


Un-named other individuals assist STD Carriers in a support capacity at the direction of site founder Cyrus Sullivan. For obvious reasons STD Carriers will not name these people.


STD Carriers has been a nationally recognized STD fighting machine for over a decade. We are battle tested and can be relied on to give you everything you need to protect the world from STDs.

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