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Dead Celebrities: 16 Famous People that Died with STDs
3/7/2020 - At least sixteen famous people with STDs died between 2012 and 2020, so we have removed the following people from our List of Celebrities with STDs because if you read closely that section is about fa...
Canadian David Simpson Identified as Abusive STD Report Author
12/16/2019 - A Canadian man named David Simpson has been identified as Hornyfucker89 on by a source confirmed to be a Canadian law enforcement official. The details of incidents allegedly involving...
Beware of Fake STD Test Websites
9/27/2019 - Beware of websites offering free fake STD tests. You might think you can fool by using one of these free fake STD test websites and sending the fake results to us. We know how to spot ... Mail Server Hacked by Spammers
9/21/2019 - If you received an email that said it was from "John Wagner" at it did not come from us. Spammers hacked the mail server and used it to send tens of thousands... is Back Following Long Legal Battle
9/13/2019 - is back online following a long legal battle with the federal government. During that time the owner went to prison, fought lengthy appeals, and inspired imitators. STD Carriers is and...

STD Newsreel

The STD Newsreel is the most up to date online resource for breaking news headlines involving HIV/AIDS, Herpes Simplex, Hepatitis, HPV, STD Testing, STD Treatment, and other Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) News. This monster of all syndicated venereal disease news feed aggregators utilized Twitter, major news outlets, and medical authorities selected based on reliability to deliver a combination of breaking news, STD reports, and user feedback as they happen.

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