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Beware of Fake STD Test Websites

Beware of websites offering free fake STD tests. You might think you can fool by using one of these free fake STD test websites and sending the fake results to us. We know how to spot these easily so don't even try it. You are just wasting your time.

We will not post the URLs of any of these. The way they work is that you fill out a fake online form that may even allow you to add the name of a doctor and even a lab logo. The most obvious reason that these do not fool us is because their template is always basically the same with the only changes being the fields that you can customize. After adding your information, the information of a medical facility, and the test results you want their script creates what looks like the results of a STD test. 

These services are marketed as pranks for a reason. They will not fool anyone that knows how to spot them but they might fool a lay person into thinking that the report is genuine. That is because normal people are mostly stupid and we are not. So, if you think you can get a report removed from the STD Registry using one of those services you are just wasting your time and damaging your credibility in the process.

Also, if you think paying one will get you better results than the free ones that won't work either. You will just be ripping yourself off.

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