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False Online Record Removal 12 Step Program

New Policy on Images

Do not upload images containing what appears to small children even if such third parties are in the background and not mentioned in the report. Any picture that appears to contain a minor child will be deleted and the owner might get banned depending on the circumstances. When reporting a midget please state that the person is a midget and not a kid. Posting kids will be considered a TOU violation as of March 11, 2012.

An Easy 12 Step Program for Removing STD Carrier Reports

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If you see a STD Carrier Report on this website that you would like removed follow these twelve (12) steps in the order that they appear:

1. Take the time to learn what STD Carriers is and how it operates. STD Carriers is an event based real time business intelligence system that services a network of online users. Users who sign up for a free membership can use the service in accordance with the terms they agree to at sign up. They can then publish a report(s) just as easily as you can post an ad on a classified ad site and post comments about reports just as easily as you can post comments on friend's Facebook wall. The site itself is a automated program that stores and distributes information 24 hours a day and is administered using a decentralized command structure in which each member operates as an independent unit in full control of their activities. A member can only be suspended if found to be in violation of the website Terms of Use (TOU).

2. Ask yourself, is the information posted in such a way that a reasonable person could believe it to be true? If the answer is no contact us and if we believe that no reasonable person could possible believe the information reported then it will be removed as soon as possible. A past example of this would be a Mr. "Snacks Jackson" that included the picture of a vending machine. If the information is presented in a way that a reasonable person could believe to be true continue to step 3.

3. Go to the International STD Carrier Registry and find the profile in question. This can be done easily using the search engine for the database located between the disclaimer and the data grid. The engine allows you to query the list by country, state, city, last name, and first name. After hitting search you will get the results (if any) of your query. You can also sort the data in the grid by clicking on the column headers and see different pages using the paging controls at the top and bottom of the grid. Click on the Details Link to view the profile in details

4. Post a comment about the report. This can be done easily by scrolling down to the bottom of the details view just below the video field. The video field contains either an embedded video or previews for movies about contagious diseases. If logged in you will see text that says "Post Comment" just above comments that have been made or text explaining that comments can be made. If you are not logged in you will see a login control. Click on "Post Comment" text and a form will open up allowing you to post a comment. When the comment is posted it will immediately appear on the top of the comment grid. This comment system is designed to encourage an open dialog about reports and to provide people listed with a place to express their side of the story.

5. Contact the publisher. Any report made after June 4, 2009 requires that the publisher be a registered member of At the top of the report beneath the "Carrier Report Number" you will see "Created By" followed by the user name of the publisher. Click on the user name and you will be linked to the Member Information Page that contains a link to a form for contacting the publisher. If your attempt to contact the poster is unsuccessful because the email address provided does not exist contact us. If we determine that the user signed up with a fake email address that user would have already violated the Terms of Use(TOU) when they signed up by providing false information. Accounts found to be in violation of the TOU will be suspened. All comments and posting of a suspended account will be blocked from view with all infomation about the user of the suspended account including I.P. addresses used by that user will be provided to anyone listed by that user upon request. This same rule applies to unauthorized use of someone elses email address if we receive a reply that they did not create that account. If the users email address is valid then proceed to step 6.

6. Are you the subject of the report? If not your role in the record removal process is over. Please do not email us with personal stories regarding the subject of the report (ex: "I've known subject X for Y amount of years and they don't have Z"). We do not know them personally and cannot pass judgment of their character. It the report is about you proceed to step 7.

7. Go to a doctor’s office and get tested for the Sexually Transmitted Disease (or Diseases) in some cases that you were reported for having. For Genital Herpes (Herpes Simplex Virus 2 - HSV2), Hepatitis C, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) this can be done with a simple blood test that will detect antibodies if you are infected, if your results are clean then the profile will be removed. For HPV and Genital Warts there is no blood test, but they can be frequently detected by other means, clean screening results for either will be satisfactory for the removal of a profile. The results MUST come from a doctor's office and NOT from any type of at home testing service. If you need help finding a lab you can use the Lab Locator at Health Testing Centers.

8. Have your doctor send your clean test results in an official sealed envelope to:

P.O. Box 86653

Portland, OR 97286

*Special option for attorneys. Licensed bar members are now allowed to submit results electronically on behalf of their client they provide proof of their identity and that they are licensed to practice law.

*Special option for people whose providers use MyChart. If your doctor uses MyChart you can elect to share the record with us via the MyChart Share Everywhere feature. Share Everywhere lets patients choose to share a record once with anyone. It works by giving you a code that you give us that lets us view the record just once. To learn more please read Patients Control Sharing Their Medical Records.

DO NOT USE CERTIFIED MAIL: STD Carriers does not answer certified mail notices. Everything sent via certified mail is automatically returned to sender.

DO NOT REMOVE FROM ORIGINAL ENVELOPE: All documents must be sent in an original sealed envelope. This means do not open results you receive and do not put them in a new envelope before sending them to us. If you must have the results sent to you first have an original copy sent to us second.

DO NOT USE AT HOME TESTING: For chain of custody reasons we will not accept at home STD tests. There are businesses that advertise services where you can send them a sample to be tested. Obviously that sample could be from anyone so that is not sufficient. That is not to say that at home testing is useless because it could provide a way to know if you should even bother going to a physical testing location.

9. Contact us to let us know that test results are on their way. This will cause the post office box to be checked more frequently.

10. When we receive and review the test results the report will be removed as soon as possible and you will receive the I.P. Address information necessary to help you track down the person responsible. Delays may occur for reasons including, but not necessarily limited to the following:

- Any technical difficulties that prevent us from being able to access the internet.

- Bad weather that prevents us from being able to reach the post office box or a lag between when results arrive and the box is checked.

- Holidays both traditional and organization specific in which no member is available to perform site maintenance.

- Emergencies involving members of the organization or the community such as serious accidents, illnesses, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, global thermonuclear war, etc.

11. Wait a few days and don’t panic if you still see links to the report show up on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. The search engine bots will attempt to recrawl the report and will be redirected to Celebrities with STDs at which point they will automatically delete the old record. We do not control the rate at which the site is crawled.

12. (Optional) Find whoever listed you and do to them as you would like. You can file a lawsuit for defamation, have them arrested for criminal harassment, and turn the tables on them by listing their deeds online using the Cyber Bullies Exposed! Anti-Cyberbullying Harassment Reporting System.

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P.O. Box 86653, Portland, Oregon 97286