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Pre-Disclaimer Message:

Before we begin the legal disclaimers we just want to say that most reports on this website are obviously user generated content and it is common sense not to use tthem to form a conclusion about people. They are a heads up that you might not otherwise have and that is it. A starting point if you feel like looking into things, not the final word at all. It is mind boggling how many people in this era of #fakenews still believe what they read on the internet. If you fall into that category that is your fault and yours alone. The STD Registry is useful to inform you that accusations have been made and depending on your circumstances you might want to look into them.

Legal Disclaimers

Public STD Carrier Reports:

The people listed in this section of this website are listed by the public on the condition that the information being submitted is in fact true and genuine. It is possible for inaccurate information to be submitted for reasons including, but not necessarily limited to the following; a false positive (a test resulting in a diagnosis of a sexually transmitted disease when in fact the person does not have the disease), a fabrication by the person inserting the data, a false rumor, an inaccurate published source, or a false statement by a third party. Since false listings are possible this site does not assert that any person listed does in fact have a sexually transmitted disease or that statements made about them are true. If you believe that someone has been wrongfully listed please visit our Record Removal Page.

Celebrities with STDs:

The list of Celebrities with STDs is compiled from a collection of cited published sources. The published source of each report is responsible for the validity of the information contained in the report and any conclusions derived from that information.

Criminal HIV Transmission:

This Criminal HIV Transmission section has been compiled from cited published sources including stories published by the news media and law enforcement agencies. The cited sources are responsible for the validity of the information contained in each report and any conclusions derived from that information. Suspects in unresolved cases are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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