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Privacy and Free Speech Protection Policies

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Privacy Policy

1. Protecting Your Privacy

- We don't share your information with third parties for marketing purposes.

- If you are a registered member we do not share any of your contact infomation with third parties unless you violate the Terms of Use. Your email address will be accessible only to other registered members for contact purposes in a password protected section of the website.

- Account information is password-protected. Keep your password safe.

2. Data We Collect and How We Use It

- We collect your email address for the purposes of authenticating accounts, resetting passwords, and sending out notices about changes in policies and services.

- We collect your I.P. address to ensure complience with our Terms of Use.

- In some cases we offer an option for submitting medical documents via standard mail to determine if a publisher has violated our Terms of Use Agreement. We keep these records private and do not share them with third parties without your permission.

- If you are found to have violated the Terms of Use Agreement your information may be posted online as a punishment. This information will include your IP address and internet service provider (ISP) and any other information we have have about you including your email address, full name, phone number, postal address, and picture.

- If you send messages that are deemed threatening in any way via email, U.S. mail, or any other medium we may elect to publish the message. Published threats may contain any associated contact information including your your email address, full name, phone number, and postal address. This may apply to unconstructive rantings in some cases if they of an obnoxious, obscene, or otherwise notable in nature.

Data Collected By Others

- This site features advertising from third parties as well as basic tracking from Google Analytics. Those sites collect data in accordance with their policies primarily for the purpose of analyzing ad or site performance.

Freedom of Speech Protection Policy

3. Free Speech for American Users

STD Carriers is owned and operated in the state of Oregon. As an Oregon information service user generated content (UGC) falls under the protection of the Oregon Media Shield Law. Under this law we are protected from having to reveal the source of information gathered unless the information indicates that you have or are about to commit a crime. The only information we keep besides your email address that as mentioned above is available to other members is your IP address. Your IP address represents your location and internet connection, but technically is nothing more than a string of four numerical fields separated by periods. Like any string of periods and digits it by itself cannot indicate whether you have or are about to commit a crime. Therefore as the law states we like any "person connected with, employed by or engaged in any medium of communication to the public" cannot be "required by a legislative, executive or judicial officer or body, or any other authority having power to compel testimony or the production of evidence, to disclose, by subpoena or otherwise...Any unpublished information obtained or prepared by the person in the course of gathering, receiving or processing information for any medium of communication to the public." Simply put we will not and cannot be forced to release your IP address.

STD Carriers is aware that not all states have a shield law and we knowingly provide service in those areas. We are also aware that some of those areas have civil statues allowing for civil litigation in cases involving the publication of private facts. It is, always has been, and always will be the policy of STD Carriers to treat all UGC as if it originated within the state. STD Carriers will not appear, provide information for, or otherwise participate in any court proceeding outside of Oregon. Furthermore we will not grant requests made by any non-federal judicial officer located outside of Oregon. Exceptions to this section will only be considered in cases related to violations of our usage terms.

4. Free Speech for International Users

All policies for protecting out of state users apply to international users as well, but with special importance to protecting them from criminal prosecution. STD Carriers is well aware that although we as residents and citizens of the United States of America are protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution that not everyone is so fortunate and that in some areas your use of our service including views expressed through commentary may constitute a crime in your area. We will not under any circumstances cooperate with any foreign government or law enforcement agency investigating a member in good standing. We may also elect to publish news of any such investigation, issue warnings to endangered members, or employ unconventional means to protect the integrity of the service in hostile regions.

Select Your Email Address Carefully

It is important to remember that although we do not possess assets that could be used against us as leverage by your government that not all service providers are so fortunate. When selecting an email address make sure that your provider does not possess offices or other assets that could be seized by your government. A physical presence in your area could compel them to give up your identity.

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