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Federal Judge Held That is Legal

When the owner of was selectively prosecuted for sending a threatening email in 2012 the United States District Court for the District of Oregon held that this website is legal. Sending a threatening email to someone was not legal and the reason this site stayed offline was not due to it being illegal but due to the alleged relationship between the threatening email and the site. 

As Judge Marco Hernandez would explain at a later hearing "I told him that it was not illegal at sentencing...My question is: Does it make people mad?" Hernandez then banned the owner from operating while on supervision saying that he thought more threats might be made if he made people mad and those people stalked or harassed him.

For a short period of time operating the website became illegal for one person. That time has passed this site remains legal.

You can view part of the transcript here:

ou can see a screenshot with additional commentary here:

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