Prevention is Our Profession
Disease Control and Prevention Services

Prevention is Our Profession and So Can You!

There are a number of ways that you can make a contribution to STD Carriers Disease Control and Prevention Services. Whether it be financial or just word of mouth you can help us protect the purity and essence of your precious bodily fluids.

Make a Donation

STD Carriers donates its time to keeping you safe and hates to sound like beggers, freeloaders, or any type of annoying panhandler. We don’t bother you on the street, we don’t call you at home, and we don't show up at your front door like a Johova Witness. We wait for you to come to us at your conveniene and that alone should make us more worthy of your donation than anyone who wastes your time with annoying tactics. Donate to us so the next time you hear "got any change" you can say "sorry I gave it all to STD Carriers".

STD Carriers is no longer accepting donations directly on site, but you can still contribute to STD Carriers by donating to Post Almost Anything Global Classified Advertising Services. Post Almost Anything donates its time to fostering free speech on the internet and you help them protect everyones right to be heard online no matter what.


Spread Us Around

You can spread the word about our efforts to your social networks and encourage people who get your message to pass it on to others. The toolbar at the bottom of your browser window has a number of content sharing features including a Facebook Like Button, Twitter Tweet Button, Google +1 Button, and a Smart Share feature that lets you add any page to Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious, MySpace, and other websites.

Embed Videos

Every StDiVo video features embed code that you can copy and paste to your website. The code can be found below each video in the textbox to the right of the words "Embed Code".

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Every StDiVo video features link code below each video in the left side textbox next to the words "Link Code". All STD Carriers have link code available in a textbox near the top of their profile in a textbox next to the words "Link HTML". Any other page can be linked to simply by adding your own HTML code if your site doesn't already have a text editor that supports links.

Put Us On Your Site

You can get STD Carriers on your website, blog, or any other Iframe and JavaScript compatible web page for free. Go to our Free Widgets Section to get embeddable devices including this STD Carriers People Search Registry Widget.

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