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Andrew Sullivan - Author HIV and AIDS

Carrier No. 1244 Reported by on Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Andrew Sullivan
Author Andrew Sullivan
First Name: Andrew
Last Name: Sullivan
Occupation: Author
STD(s): HIV and AIDS
City: Washington
State/Territory: DC
Country: United States
Age: 48
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Race: White
Sex: Male
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 ft. 1 inches
Weight: 180 lbs.
Infection Date: Tuesday, December 31, 1996:
Disclosure History: Has not failed to notify someone before exposure
Information Source: Published Source

Andrew Sullivan has been taking a Daily Dish of AIDS cocktail since 1996. The openly gay conservative columnist for The Atlantic is a self-described bear is originally from England and is best known for his work with The Atlantic, but has also written for Time Magazine, has authored several books, and is a regular guest on Real Time with Bill Maher.

In 2001 he was criticized by The Nation for posting an anonymous personal ad on the gay dating site describing himself as a "one stop source for *bareback sex" who was interested in "bi-scenes, one-on-ones, three-ways, groups, parties, orgies and gang bangs". The article called Sullivan irresponsible for soliciting unprotected sex while being HIV positive, but at the same time acknowledged that he was honest about his status with potential partners and never tried to infect anyone.

*Bareback is a slang term among gay men for unprotected anal sex.

In recent years Sullivan has made a name for himself as an expert on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. During the 2008 election he was one of the first conservatives to speak out against Palin running for Vice President and accused her of faking a pregnancy.

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