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Jillian Quist of Roseville, California

Carrier No. 3210 Reported by RyanQuist on Thursday, February 6, 2020
Jillian  Quist
Jillian Quist
First Name: Jillian
Last Name: Quist
STD(s): Genital Warts , Genital Herpes
City: Roseville
State/Territory: California
Country: United States
Age: 33
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Race: White
Sex: Female
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 ft. 5 inches
Weight: 225 lbs.
Infection Date: Thursday, June 1, 2017:
Disclosure History: Has failed to inform someone prior to exposure
Information Source: First hand knowledge(ex: confession)

Jillian Quist has become fairly promiscuous the last 5 years and in addition started escorting as well. Jillian does have Anal Warts and Vaginal Herpes. This was confirmed by a doctors visit and she told me personally and Jillian was having sexual relations with animals in particular Dogs and was arrested and convicted for engaging in those sexual acts. She was ordered to have No contact the next 5 years with dogs but sadly Jillian is still partaking in acts of bestiality. I would just recommend strap up and be careful because Jillian has been known to say whatever needs to be said in the heat of the moment and she is moments away from getting that dick. Just saying but its true.

Be safe out there fellow Good People and Always practice safe sexual practices please!

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