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STD Carriers Gets a Super Fabulous Makeover for Valentine’s Day

Surfing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) online has never looked good until now thanks to the dynamic facelift STD Carriers Disease Control and Prevention Services received just in time for Valentine’s Day. The super fabulous makeover is part of an effort to increase the fun factor of STD Carriers, improve the overall image of the site’s founder, and increase the value of its reputation management services.

Since its launch has always been criticized by its opponents as being a poorly designed invasion of privacy. Those days are now history because what was once described as “a disorganized mess of red, white, and blue” is now a well organized STD fighting machine with a cross browser compatible CSS3 layout built to look great in up to date versions of all major browsers and a new AJAX equipped dynamic search tool. The new search tool allows users to search the STD Registry for keywords asynchronously instead of being limited to just names and locations with a full page refresh.

The site’s founder realized it needed a much overdue makeover after a colleague convinced him that the old site was making him look bad professionally. The founder took this to heart because until that day he always felt immune to such things believing that he could always explain the lies of his critics to people that really matter as the rants of insignificant malcontents, but that colleague shattered his senses of innocence and security with the knowledge that important people might not look past his first design when judging his work. The founder believes that by giving STD Carriers a makeover that makes surfing for STDs feel like shopping it will take years of advances in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for that site to make him look bad ever again.

STD Carriers is part of the No Limit List Corporate Advocacy Program (NLLCAP) which offers search engine targeted reputation management services for several websites. The old search tool made NLLCAP less marketable to subjects of STD Carriers because city and state specific lists from the STD Registry produced prominent search results for subjects with little to no web presence. Those results were not covered by NLLCAP and made the program so useless in some cases that customers were refused entry into the program. STD Carriers hopes that the elimination of linking pages from supplementary search results will increase sales in time for the NLLCAP March Madness Sale.

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