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Devon Nicholson a.k.a. Hannibal Tested Positive for Hepatitis C

Carrier No. 1357 Reported by on Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Devon Nicholson
Athlete Devon Nicholson a.k.a. Hannibal
First Name: Devon
Last Name: Nicholson
A.K.A. Hannibal
Occupation: Athlete
STD(s): Hepatitis C
City: Orleans
State/Territory: Ontario
Country: Canada
Age: 29
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: White
Sex: Male
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 ft. 4 inches
Weight: 285 lbs.
Infection Date: Thursday, December 31, 2009
Disclosure History: Has not failed to notify someone before exposure
Information Source: Published Source

Devon Nicholson also known as Hannibal is a professional wrestler who was denied a contract to wrestle in the WWE after testing positive with Hepatitis C. He blames another wrestler Abdullah the Butcher for infecting him with the virus by cutting him after cutting himself during a 2009 hardcore wrestling match.

This profile has been updated to include a video from Devon "The Hannibal" Nicholson claiming to have cured his incurable condition and the source links has been updated to an article containing similar claims.


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