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Sheldon Moore of Nairobi, Kenya

Carrier No. 3244 Reported by on Thursday, March 26, 2020
Sheldon Moore
Sheldon Moore
First Name: Sheldon
Last Name: Moore
STD(s): Genital Herpes
City: Nairobi
State/Territory: Nairobi
Country: Kenya
Age: 22
Sexual Orientation: Not Sure
Race: Black
Sex: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 ft. 2 inches
Weight: 115 lbs.
Infection Date: Thursday, March 26, 2020
Disclosure History: Has not failed to notify someone before exposure
Information Source: First hand knowledge(ex: confession)

Sheldon Moore is the name of a Facebook page that posted on one of our Facebook pages that she found some miracle cure to the incurable Herpes virus. These posts are from a page and not a profile. The page is formatted to look like a profile but it really is just a page. We have this name and this picture which are probably fake. We entered guesses as to all other information beyond someone claiming to be this individual admitting to having an incurable STD and claiming to have found a cure.

Obviously we got the race, gender, eye color, and hair color from the photo. Guessing by the outfit we think she is somewhere in Africa because that is where most of these fake testimonials come from. We are short on listings for Kenya so we basically threw an imaginary dart at a map of the continent and chose Kenya.

Her testimonial reads more like that of an AIDS patient. Claiming to have the "deadly herpes virus" before meeting some doctor and god using him to cure her. It is a total scam.


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