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River Gibbs of San Bernardino, California

Carrier No. 8579 Reported by froky_hekker on Monday, June 13, 2022
River Gibbs
River Gibbs
First Name: River
Last Name: Gibbs
STD(s): HPV , HIV and AIDS
City: San Bernardino
State/Territory: California
Country: United States
Age: 23
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Race: White
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5 ft. 9 inches
Weight: 140 lbs.
Infection Date: Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Disclosure History: Has failed to inform someone prior to exposure
Information Source: Third party

According to Rivers friend, who wont be named due to privacy, he had cheated on his husband with numerous guys in the San Bernardino area. He had an encounter with one of these guys recently and the guy wound up testing positive for HPV and HIV. (He supposedly never had it prior to the encounter with River) Needless to say the guy got angry (rightfully so) and told all of Rivers friends on social media, and one of those friends asked River what the heck was going on, when River confessed and said he didnt share his STD history prior to them having sex. This friend happened to be someone I know and they told me all about it.


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