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Guy Luongo of Williamstown, New Jersey

Carrier No. 8630 Reported by Truth Teller on Sunday, October 16, 2022
Guy Luongo
Guy Luongo
First Name: Guy
Last Name: Luongo
STD(s): Hepatitis C , HIV and AIDS
City: Williamstown
State/Territory: New Jersey
Country: United States
Age: 55
Sexual Orientation: Not Sure
Race: White
Sex: Male
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 ft. 7 inches
Weight: 220 lbs.
Infection Date: Saturday, October 16, 2021
Disclosure History: Has failed to inform someone prior to exposure
Information Source: First hand knowledge(ex: confession)

Thank you for sharing the posts on here. -

He has been contacting me for years. I would like to take this opportunity to validate mostly everything that has been said bc I lived the nightmare too. Guy is unstable and does not have the capacity to tell the truth. Through the years I have watched him go through several legal domestic situations. (plural more than 1 person, in more than 1 state) There is a similar pattern with quite a few women. Where Guy tries to use whoever he has his claws into at the time as a scapegoat man or woman. Guy always needs attention and will do anything to get it. Florida was mentioned also, see the # of police reports in Williamstown, NJ filed by him. You will find reports about his father, children, former employees and the list goes on. Guy almost always threatens to or gets the police involved in anything he can he seeks attention. He has to make a huge deal of things and will go to the extent of lying to the police to achieve that to harass people. He is insane and has been charged with false police reporting. Guy also files restraining orders and violates the orders he initiates. He is unhealthy to those closest to him. He has a compulsion to lie. I have watched him lie about the smallest to the most vial things you can image. 1 time of many I watched him call his Aunt B and tell her he was out alone and his daughter was home alone neither of which were true. He will lie about the stupidest things to horrible things most people could not imagine anyone doing. If a grown man is in the right frame of mind, he is not going to lie. A grown man would also have a spine and not lie to his aunt to appease whoever he needs to.Guy has trashed talked his family and friends to me numerous times he is 2 faced and I should not have ever been so nave to someone so un-loyal. Guy will trash talk when he is looking for something. Money for drugs, sex, attention positive/negative for his narc supply.

Yes he does have a heroin and sex addiction that he hid from me for years. Supervised visits were mentioned, that is correct due to his behavior he lies, hides this. See with Guy he is always a victim no matter what horrible thing he does it is always someone elses fault. In all his police reports he is just looking for someone to blame, a scapegoat and that is what he tried to do when he was exposed for lying about supervised visits. He lied to a lot of people and kept his behavior a secret. I have FB messages from him blaming a child for his visits. Then he tried to invent a story and blame the person he was with bc he has to have a scapegoat, he was not successful though. He has no one to blame but himself. Please know he is not capable of remorse, if he apologies please know his pattern of retracting his apology. It is always those closest to him that deal with his nasty, hate-rage abuse. Guy can put on any act for a short time. So people friends, family that just see the act for a few hrs at Xmas or a bday have no idea what he is capable of and done. He has trashed talked me to anyone to mask himself as he has done with his own family, not alone it is a pattern.

Yes, Guy has been claiming he has cancer. I changed my phone number again in January 2022 due to his stalking behavior and FB games. He resorted to calling my work bc he no longer had my # I have the logs, simply to get the attention he was seeking. His act of remorse was so believable that I brought him the items he asked me to including diapers bc the cancer was getting worse. When I got there I asked Guy what the deal is with the walls in his house?? There was nothing hanging on the walls. Most people have pictures hanging of people that are important in their life. Next time he asked me to come to his house there was a huge picture of just himself on the wall. He only cares about himself and feeding his addictions, a narcissist. I asked where my picture was for weeks after that it seemed logical he claimed he wanted to marry me and had me picking up diapers for him. He is a bastard that lied and did not have cancer, just uses people. That entitled p of s literally thought I would wipe his ass. Part of his pattern, Guy will USE/bring whomever he also has his claws into at the moment, to his court/legal chaos he is creating, playing the victim and making it appear to others he has support for his court appearance, this is also a repeated pattern of behavior where he utilizes misinformed people man or woman. He uses those closest to him as if they are disposable. I was so embarrassed to have ever been by his side at his trashy court proceedings. I will never forget how this 2 faced monster treated me and my children to the outside world. It is absolutely humiliating now that I am no longer being gas lighted and used as a scapegoat that I ever had anything to do with him. I will also never forget how he treated my children on his front lawn in front of his friends. All Guy cares about is what other people think. He is extremely insecure, it was like how multiple personality disorder is described he treated my children as if they were strangers in front of his friends yelling at them on his front lawn in his bi polar rage, showing the children that he did not value or have any respect for them, showing my children that they were simply not important to him when it came to the outside world. Similar to the behavior I received from him on FB humiliating me to the outside world, part of the reason why I changed my phone number in January. Guy was so 2 faced and trash talked me so much that he had to show the outside world I was not important to him and he did it every opportunity he had especially with his family and friends he manipulated and lied to. I am sure Guy did not mention about stalking me for a very long time and thinking he was going to come to Thanksgiving dinner 2021 he is not logical. Guy had also invited me to his cousins wedding in Oct 2021 but again he lies so much to family and friends that the manipulator he is the Monday before the wedding he started abusing me again he did not intend on taking me to the wedding it is his sick games he only wanted me when there was something for him to gain. He is a monster. I told him to stay away permanently but he did not. This was just part of Guys abuse he uses people, the wedding he claimed he did not go due to his Aunt B having a falling out with someone in the family. Due to his pattern I did not believe him. However, out of pure stupidity I bought an expensive dress and was hoping he was really seeking mental help this time as he claimed making amends with everyone, but he was future faking me, this is what a narcissist does I was looking forward to the wedding. See for years he talked poorly about me to his friends etc, so how could Guy face his lies he took it out on my children by belittling them in public on his front lawn. The same children that he would sit at a dinner table with, spend weekends with (as later I learned if he was using me) and going on family vacations with us.I was doing everything I could to make him happy, meals, cleaning anything he wanted - believing in him that eventually he would change with professional help. In the years I was with him he never one time danced with me or did anything to show me I was important to him. All he did was take from me in every aspect of my life that he could, over and over again. He is a master manipulator that used me for years. He tried to control everything in my life reaching out to anyone personally or professionally that he could, former people I have dated - he thought he could treat me anyway he wanted, he got off on humiliating me. He took everything out on me, I was his emotional punching bag for years. He is inhuman.



10/22/2022 - Been there done that this summer. He was blaming Patty for his STD. Look in between his toes for marks.

He adapts to whoever's personality that he's hanging out with and is very susceptible to his family. Pathological narcissism is almost identical to multiple personality disorder.

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