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Tamra Amakwe of Washington DC, DC

Carrier No. 9716 Reported by KCHPVPreventionDept on Tuesday, August 22, 2023
Tamra  Amakwe
Tamra Amakwe
First Name: Tamra
Last Name: Amakwe
STD(s): Genital Herpes , Genital Herpes , Genital Herpes , Genital Herpes , and Genital Herpes
City: Washington Dc
State/Territory: DC
Country: United States
Age: 48
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: Black
Sex: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 ft. 4 inches
Weight: 150 lbs.
Infection Date: Sunday, April 4, 2004
Disclosure History: Has failed to inform someone prior to exposure
Information Source: First hand knowledge(ex: confession)

This hoe has been intentionally spreading herpes for over 2 decades

She lies claiming she is clean when she knows she had multiple STDs

She has absolutely no integrity and has deliberately exposes multitudes to herpes, STDs and HPV

She is dirty wicked mean and evil avoid any contact.


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