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Theresa Jensen of San Diego, California

Carrier No. 9807 Reported by TheresaJensen on Friday, January 12, 2024
Theresa Jensen
Theresa Jensen
First Name: Theresa
Last Name: Jensen
STD(s): Genital Herpes , HPV , Genital Warts
City: San Diego
State/Territory: California
Country: United States
Age: 44
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: White
Sex: Female
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5 ft. 3 inches
Weight: 300 lbs.
Infection Date: Thursday, May 1, 1997
Disclosure History: Has not failed to notify someone before exposure
Information Source: First hand knowledge(ex: confession)

I believe a detailed, publicly accessible STD registry should be mandatory.

Hi, my name is Theresa and I'm an STD friendly slut. In addition to having numerous anonymous encounters, I frequently engage in raw and vigorous anal sex with HIV positive men. Despite the risk to my health, I prefer not using protection.

Why do I feel those of us with STDs need to be registered? Simple, my actions caused me to become infected with two incurable diseases. However, my decisions do not give me the right to expose others to those diseases. I would be in favor of a biohazard symbol on any government issued identification to denote infected individuals, similar to the heart used to identify an organ donor.

I'm upfront about my status, I'm tested monthly and I intend to keep my record up to date. If I can find an STD testing facility that provides a verifiable link to test results, I will include it.

Feel free to contact me with any questions:

Theresa Jensen



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