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Mary Ann Miller of Austin, Texas

Carrier No. 9822 Reported by Calco on Monday, May 6, 2024
Mary Ann Miller
Mary Ann Miller
First Name: Mary Ann
Last Name: Miller
STD(s): Genital Herpes
City: Austin
State/Territory: Texas
Country: United States
Age: 58
Sexual Orientation: Not Sure
Race: Hispanic
Sex: Female
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 ft. 2 inches
Weight: 175 lbs.
Infection Date: Thursday, February 1, 2018
Disclosure History: Has failed to inform someone prior to exposure
Information Source: First hand knowledge(ex: confession)

Mary Miller , also known as Mary Ann Miller . Lives in Austin Texas and from Lubbock Texas is knowingly spreading herpes without telling her sexual partners. She previously was linked to a married man that lived with his wife and kids and said if they get it "that's what he get for cheating". No regards to his wife or his kids. She told multiple people about this married man.

Mary Ann Miller is untrustworthy and sneaky. Austin Texas please be on the lookout


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