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Flavor of Love 3 - Herpes Results

Flavor of Love 3 - Herpes Results Video

Flavor Flav always has his choice of gold digging wrenches to choose from, but he had Herpes to worry about in season 3 when Hotlanta developed a mysterious bump on her lip that the other slags were quick to label as an outbreak of Herpes. Flav wanted to get to the bottom of this before deciding who would not get one of his special gold clocks. Fortunately for Flav he had a doctor take a look at that thing and was lucky enough to get the results of Hotlanta’s Herpes test back just in time for elimination.

Will Flav send Hotlanta packing with a new diagnosis or will a clean bill of health keep her around long enough for Flav to stop being too distracted by that bump to notice the rest of her?

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