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South Park - Bag Them Genital Warts

South Park - Bag Them Genital Warts Video
New shop teacher Mr. Adler is too pre-occupied with his own issues to care about the upcoming fight between Tweak and Craig. Fortunately he finds time away from his pathetic depression and Nicotine gum to take the his hot MILF of a co-worker out for a date.

Unfortunately for Mr. Adler his pre-occupation over the tragic death of his last girlfriend leads him to tell his new love interest that he has Genital Warts and cannot have sex with her. She says it's ok and that they can wrap a plastic bag around it if they have to, but Adler seems more concerned with self pity as he rejects her without considering what kind of girl would want to plastic bag Genital Warts in the first place.
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