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You Tube AIDS Hoax by Trashwoman Jackie Braxton

You Tube AIDS Hoax by Trashwoman Jackie Braxton Video

Jackie Braxton admits to reporters that she lied about having AIDS in a You Tube video in which she also claimed to have infected over 500 men with HIV and Herpes during unprotected sex. The video went viral fooling many into thinking that this masked dingbat who also claimed to be a serial killer was on the loose infecting people with the worst STD of them all.

STD Carriers was not fooled by this turban free wannabe homegrown disease ridden Taliban prostitute. Besides her being a typical attention starved You Tuber with a webcam and above average creativity, she was not creative enough not to be spotted as a blatant copycat of Anton Dunn A.K.A. the Trashman who scared the hell out of parents on the east coast when he went on You Tube claiming to have poisoned baby food. He also claimed to have infected a list of women with AIDS whose names he read off in a lesser known video, sound familiar?

It should also be noted that her video linked to a porn site starring herself despite her claim that she did this to raise awareness about STD prevention. At least as part of StDiVo she can make a contribution to protecting the purity of our bodily fluids, congratulations Trashwoman.

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