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Mad Real World Herpes Report Phone Call Fight

Mad Real World Herpes Report Phone Call Fight Video
STD Carriers received an email linking to the original version of this video on a video sharing website containing what the creator claims to be himself arguing with his ex-girlfriend and creator of his Herpes report using a voice changer to sound like a man. The report was recently removed and the incident involved Evil Doers Cyber Terrorist Watch List member Mike Basciano.

This improved remix features original commentary by as well as pictures of Amy Winehouse with a coke booger and Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC in response to accusations of cocaine use and predatory internet pedophile behavior. The grand finale features a clip from the "Mad Real World" sketch of Chappelle's Show showing Chris Finnegan screaming the question "What is wrong with you people" at Dave Chappelle and Charlie Murphy.
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