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Jennifer Jolly's STD Rant with Brian Copeland on 7 Live KGO-TV

Jennifer Jolly's STD Rant with Brian Copeland on 7 Live KGO-TV Video

Jennifer Jolly rants about STD prevention with Brian Copeland on their KGO-TV show 7 Live. The two of them obviously share more than a talk show as they piss and moan about cutting edge technology designed to cut down on STD infection rates by warning potential partners about the infected.

Despite being members of the news media they appear to have no clue that the same laws that protect their right to accurately quote others on the air also protects the rights of online service providers to create dynamic web forms that accurately reflect records in a database. An accurate legal analysis would have showed that even if were the publisher of user generated content (UGC) that it would still not be responsible so long as the sources of the information were properly cited with the necessary disclaimers.

United States law aside they failed to realize that STD Carriers keeps its file system and all data offshore. This make it immune to domestic legal threats due to the fact that no American law enforcement agency or judiciary officer has the jurisdiction necessary to compromise the site in any way.

It should also be noted according to Brian Copeland's Wikipedia page the former star of "Not a Genuine Black Man" and The Bucket List used to do an opening act for Natalie Cole. Natalie Cole is one of the confirmed celebrity cases in the STD Registry. She admitted on Larry King Live in 2009 that she has Hepatitis C.

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