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Portland Attorney Proves Legality of STD Carrier Reporting

Portland Attorney Proves Legality of STD Carrier Reporting Video

KOIN TV reporter Jessica Morkert asks Portland attorney Duane Bosworth if it is legal to create a publishing service that allows people to assume full responsibility for their actions before warning others about someone they know to be infected with an incurable sexually transmitted disease (STD). This has been a hard question to answer for some news agencies in un-Oregonian states who despite years of training have failed to realize the simple fact that “in Oregon there is no liability for the publication of a private fact” which makes it impossible for anyone to successfully sue STD Carriers for publication of a private fact. The latter of course assumes that STD Carriers publishes private facts submitted by end users which of course it does not because the user is the publisher, but even if you do live in a state or country where publishing a private fact of a STD nature is illegal that does not give your government any special privilege to gain access to your information. All user generated content regardless of origin will be protected and requests for such information will be treated as if it originated from Oregon regardless of any office the requester may hold.

STD Carriers would like to thank Jessica Morkert for her story that became the first to accurately address issues of privacy law regarding this website despite multiple attempts by reporters and lawyers in other states to make the site look illegal.

Speaking of illegal, have you seen or are you currently looking at an illegal alien? STD Carriers launched a duplicate service last summer to help people in over 20 countries call out people they suspect of being in their country illegally! Now you can Report Illegal Aliens online safely and anonymously to help keep you community crime free patriotically.

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