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Colbert Report - Beer Pong Gives You Herpes?

Colbert Report - Beer Pong Gives You Herpes? Video

Stephen Colbert’s report on the connection between Beer Pong and Herpes remixed with the original Fox News Report of Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade playing Beer Pong while Steve Doocy interviews a woman claiming to be a doctor, but obviously has no clue that you can’t get Herpes from playing beer pong. Stephen points out that the CDC posted a notice calling the Beer Pong and Herpes connection a hoax.

This remix also includes some college girls playing strip beer pong from some random You Tube video, additional images, and a clip from the R Kelly “Pee on You” video featuring Dave Chappelle.

*Editors note: This was one of the first video edits I ever did and a better one will be up soon.

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