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Andre Francois

Posted ByI'llPrayForYou on Sunday, January 1, 2012
Andre Francois has been soliciting his so called friends to come to his defense when it comes to him spreading STD's. What is being said about him passing Herpes & HPV is not some malicious rumor but the truth. He's a nacissistic, sociopathic PREDATOR. He has zero regard for anyone. For all of you foolish people who choose to believe his lies shame on you. He's hurting innocent women with his dirty infected gentalia. For all you women who were or are sleeping with him I highly advise you get checked out. He may make you think he's only with you, but there are many others. His "woe is me" sob story is played out. He's no victim, but a victimizer.

P.O. Box 86653, Portland, Oregon 97286