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At a loss as to what to do

Posted ByHerpessufferer on Thursday, December 23, 2010
Here is the story and dilemma: I dated a girl who is in the Navy. So it was long distance, well about 6 mons. into the relationship she informs me she has Herpes and blames an ex. Well I accept it and her story (Herpes can mannifest mons. or yrs. after init. infection.) What I am wondering about now is if she was telling the truth? The problem is she was not being truthful and upfront. She may have cheated (Herpes and the military go hand in hand) or told the truth and the ex may still be spreading it (I haven't seen either listed here.) There are several factors that lead me to worry: towards the end she intonated that I gave it to her, she subtly referred to her cheating, when she first found out she said, "I will call only those people I care about."

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