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Diamanda Galás: It's funny how her name suddenly appeared on here

Posted Byschizo78 on Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Hello, my name is Sebastien and I am a good friend of Diamanda Galás. We were talking about this page and she laughed so hard about this. She said, "Marilyn and I must discuss his make-up artist!" Diamanda was surprised that this all came out all of a sudden, considering her viral load after Rebetron is "0", and has been for 7 years! Also, she has been so outspoken about Hep C for ages and she's actually counseled people through months of treatment since it is severely a psychological nightmare. She has had a problem with a person that has tried and is still "trying", to ruin her reputation. The timing for her name to appear suddenly on this site just seems rather obvious to me. HAHA!! Whoever wrote the description under her name may need to go back to elementary school. Later, Sebastien

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